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Economics of media
and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment industry is a huge segment of the world economy. Worldwide entertainment and media revenues will rise at a compound annual growth rate of 5.1% over the coming years, to $2.23trn in 2019.

According to experts, global media and entertainment industry growth will be primarily fed from the emerging markets of Russia, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Across these regions, the industry is developing rapidly. International corporations are trying to have a greater exposure to these geographies. They are establishing new partnerships and looking for qualified employees.

There are very few experts in Russia who speak fluent English and are professionally trained in the M&E economics.
This is your chance to become one!

Do you want to become an expert in the economics of film and television industry?
Do you want to actively participate in the growth of the Internet economy?
Do you want to specialise in e-sports economics? Do you want to study and develop gaming industry?
Would you like to become one of those smart analysts who help media moguls to make right investment decisions?

Then come to study in our program!

The promising area of study and work
The media and entertainment industry is the largest sector of the economy in many developed and developing countries. It provides employment to millions of people worldwide. Quailified experts in M&E economics will not be replaced by robots or computer programs.
International partnerships
The program is implemented in partnerships with a number of foreign universities. You'll attend lectures and seminars taught by professors from at least five universities of four different countries: USA, Spain, Macau (China) and Russia
Not just economics
Studying M&E economics is not enough to become good specialists. Our extracurricular program includes classes in video production, e-sports, and basics of casino dealing.
«Study and practice» trips
The program includes trips to partner universities. At least one of the training modules is held abroad. Our students will not travel abroad for fun, but will get hands-on experience of working for a sector of M&E industry.
All courses are taught in either Russian or English.
Acquiring professional vocabulary in a foreign language will significantly improve your chances of getting employed by international companies.
Preparing to succeed
We prepare our students to succeed in the labor market. Therefore, we arrange meetings with representatives of the M&E industry and conduct trainings with participation of heads of HR-departments of various companies.
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  1. Economics of the Media
  2. Entrepreneurial economics
  3. Economics of Entertainment Industry
  4. Media and Entertainment Environments and Markets
  5. Financial Analysis in Media & Entertainment
  6. Marketing Solutions for the Media and Entertainment Industry
  7. Economics of Russian Media

  1. Economics of TV and Film industry
  2. E-sports economics
  3. Economics of Internet and Media Networks
  4. New Media Management and Development Market Research and Audiences
  5. Economics and Management of Gambling Industry
  6. Disruption in music industry as a trend to follow
Charo Sádaba
Associate Professor (MEGEC), University of Navarra, Madrid, Spain
Igor Makienko
Ph.D. in Business Administration, Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Nevada, Reno
Lisa George
Ph.D. in Applied Economics, Associate Professor at CUNY, New York
Glenn MCCartney
Ph.D. Associate Professor, Program Director of Asia-Pacific Academy of Economics and Management, Macau, Macau University
Marala Charyeva
Professor at RANEPA
Monica Herrero
Professor, University of Navarra, Madrid, Spain
Mikhail Mokii
Professor at RANEPA
Elena Kalashnikova
Professor at RANEPA

The City University of New York (CUNY)
is the one the largest urban universities in the United States. More than 270,000-degree-credit students are enrolled in 24 colleges and schools located in all five New York City boroughs. The main campus on Manhattan.
The university has one of the most diverse student bodies in the United States, with students hailing from 208 countries. CUNY graduates include 13 Nobel laureates.
George Mason University
George Mason University (located in Fairfax, Virginia) is the largest public research university in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Arlington Campus is situated four miles away from downtown Washington, D.C.The university enrolls 33,917 students. As of February 2016, Mason is ranked among the highest research institutions (R1) in the country. Today, Mason is recognized for its programs in economics, law, computer science, and business. In recent years, George Mason faculty have twice won the Nobel Prize in Economics.

The University of Navarra
is a private university located in Spain. It was founded in 1952 and has six campuses (Pamplona, San Sebastián, Madrid, Barcelona, Munich and New York City)
Since 2011 the New York Times has ranked the University of Navarra within the top 60 universities in the world. Eduniversal ranks its Faculty of Communication's Master's degree as 22nd best in Europe.
Master in Business Communication Management (MGEC) programs is our partner for our M&E economics program.
The University of Nevada
The University of Nevada, Reno (also referred to as UNR) is a public research university located in Reno, Nevada. Its School of Business offers MSc programs in economics and gaming management. Being one of the main centers of the US gambling industry Reno provides a good opportunity to study economics of gambling.The university was ranked tied for 197th among national universities by U.S. News & World Report in 2017.
The University of Macau
Macau is the largest center of the Asian gaming industry, and its government invests heavily in the development of higher education. University of Macau is one of the fastest growing Asian universities. It ranks among top 50 universities in Asia. It boasts of the most modern complex of buildings and facilities. Since 1991, the university has established academic links and collaborations with more than 100 institutions around the worldThe University's teaching staff includes numerous guest proffesors from the US, UK, Australia.
Duration of the program
360 000 RUB
Tuition for 1 year
  • Specialization: Economics 38.04.01
  • Degree level: MSc
  • Mode of study: full-time (evening
  • Duration of the program: 2 years
  • Applications will be accepted:
Required documents
  • An application to RANEPA's rector
  • Passport as proof of identity and citizenship (original or scanned copy)
  • Four 3*4 photographs
  • A university diploma (applicants must have a state-approved degree or higher education, such as a bachelors or masters degree)
  • A university transcript
Admission tests
  • English
  • Professional interview
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